Revel Accessibility App for iPad POS

Revel Systems strives to empower business everywhere, and part of that is ensuring our iPad POS platform is accessible to everyone, and the Revel Accessibility App is part of that goal. Revel is one of the few point of sale companies that has developed a POS system that fully accommodates the visually impaired. Previously, one of the limits of touch screen cash registers is their accessibility by everyone–visually impaired employees and owners, as well as customers, who were forced to verbally share confidentially PIN numbers when making a debit purchase on a touch screen POS. The Revel Accessibility App enables full use of the system for the visually impaired, and customers no longer have to share confidential information.

Revel Accessibility App on iPad POS with bluetooth keyboard

Revel Accessibility App with bluetooth keyboard

The Revel Accessibility App works in tandem with a bluetooth keyboard, allowing visually impaired users to enter commands and otherwise access the iPad POS as usual. The App also makes commands audible, so visually impaired users know which operations they are completing.

The Revel Accessibility App allows the visually impaired full usage of the iPad POS, including:

Here at Revel, we want everyone to have the tools they need to empower their business. The Revel Accessibility App is just one step towards our goal of making our iPad POS platform available to everyone, giving them the features and analytics they need to make their business succeed.